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What Happens When Tires Sit Too Long in One Place?

Your tires are your car’s only connection to the road. Taking care of your tires will save you money on gas and a smoother, safer ride for you and your family. Your vehicle’s tires affect how your vehicle steers, how it brakes, and how it hugs the road. Your tires need to have the correct air pressure, tread depth, tire balance, and wheel alignment to be safe and cost-effective. If your car is left unused for an extended period of time, know that your tires and other components will still require maintenance and upkeep. 

Leaving a car unused for a long period could leave it vulnerable to problems with your battery, brakes, and tires. Tires will be prone to deteriorate, lose air pressure, and develop flat spots. When you decide to start driving your vehicle again, instead of the smooth ride you expected, it will be all bumps, thumps, and vibration due to ineffective tires. 

Here Is What Happens to Tires When a Vehicle Is Left Unused

Tire Deterioration Although you will always have to replace your tires at some point, premature tire deterioration can be avoided so your tires can last longer. Your wheels carry the full weight of the car, so when your vehicle is left in one stationary position, your tires can soon become deflated, flat, rotten, or warped. While inflating the tires can help, it’s not always safe to drive on tires that sat in the garage for too long. 

Tire Bubbles When your vehicle isn’t in use, your tires may develop bubbles that may not always be visible. Tire bubbles can also form in areas where the rubber has worn very thin. Driving on a tire that has a bubble is very dangerous, and there is a high possibility that it will blow out on you. Damage as a result of tire bubbles cannot be repaired because a tire bubble means the tire’s structural integrity has been compromised.

Flat SpottingThe most common cause of flat spots on tires is when your car is left too long in the same place. When your vehicle is parked and unused, the area of tire touching the ground can become rigid. You will feel a ride disturbance or shimmy during the first few miles of driving after your vehicle has been parked for a few days, weeks, or months. Flat spots damage the tires’ functionality and can be dangerous because one or more flat-spotted tires can cause a shimmy or harmonic vibration, which makes it difficult to steer your car. 
Tires that are in poor condition can be potentially dangerous and even lead to serious vehicle accidents and injuries. Always check the inflation pressure before you drive around. Cars should not sit still; they are meant for driving. When you let a car sit for several weeks or longer, a lot of problems can pop up, and not all of them are repairable or preventable. Start your vehicle and move it around periodically to keep fluids circulating and ensures all the moving parts such as the transmission and brakes are kept well lubricated. Moving your vehicle can help avoid potential tire deterioration, bubbles, and flat spots. Visit our auto repair service center to have your tire replaced as soon as you notice any issues. 

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